Double Rainbow High Output Pack (X8)


  • 8 EG18 Smoke Grenades, 1 of each 7 colors in stock, plus surprise 8th
  • A big smoke effect, not too overpowering
  • Similar amount of smoke to an M18 military smoke grenade
  • Duration: 90 Seconds
  • Cloud Size: 6
  • Simple Pull Ring Ignition (Wire Pull)
  • Non-toxic Smoke, fully biodegradable body.

Want high output smoke, but can’t decide what color is perfect… Why chose?  Get 1 of each!

Included in the Double Rainbow High Output pack is one of each color EG18 in stock – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black – plus a surprise 8th picked by EG!  Pull the wire ring and a stunning, large colored cloud is emitted from each unit for approximately 90 seconds. Follow all of the instructions and safety notices written on the side and you are ready to go.


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