EG18 Pouch Olive



Carrying Smoke Grenades in your pockets is not cool.  Get a pouch that is designed for the job!  There are a million type of pouches on the market, but only one that allows you to operate your grenades one handed.

The EG18 Pouch from Enola Gaye has been well thought through… This tactical pouch is not only molle compatible, but can also fit to a belt.  It allows your EG18 Smoke Grenade to sit snug in the pouch held in by a pull over tab that is secured by a popper and velcro.  You are now locked and loaded!

I know what you are thinking – surely that velcro being pulled on deployment could wake a dragon!  It will certainly give away your position….right?  NOT TRUE with this pouch…

1. Pull aside the elastic and pull the grenade from the bottom, this also removes the plastic cap (most of the time) leaving it in your pouch!  We have also added a rubber disc on the inside of the elastic so that accidental slip out can’t happen to your grenade.

2. The EG18 is now in your hand ready for operation; next step, hook the pull ring around the plastic hook on the side of the pouch and pull sharply downwards…

A. Wire Pull™ Hook for one handed operation.
B. Molle & Belt compatible
C. Velcro and Popper Fasteners
D. Rubber Anti-Slip Nipple
E. Quick Release Elastic Base

COMPATIBLE WITH: EG18 Smoke Grenades


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